About XomeOne

We have heard it for so many years; Someone ought to do this or someone should do that. Well, finally XomeOne does. We actually do what so many have been asking someone to do, both in the water- and energy business.


Project- and market facilitator

– Make players connect, commit and take action

We are XomeOne AS

Our team has a strong network in the water- and energy industry in particular, but also within other sectors. We have a proven track record of achieving results both individually and collectively.

The project group covers all key areas of expertise – from sector knowledge, business management and project management to practical entrepreneurship.

Leading-edge expertise, networks and market insight in particular around innovation management, digital solutions, sales, project design and operation of no-dig solutions for the water industry.

”Fearless technology optimists”

What is our role in the value chain?

  • Independent commercial accelerator for promoting sustainable solutions and technology development.
  • Market-maker for players unaware of the potential within the water business.
  • Knowledge and network of all aspects of no-dig potential.
  • Assistance with efforts to promote new earnings models.

Why is this necessary? What is our “raison d’être”?

  • No one in the market has assumed a leading role in commercially promoting the vision of no-dig methods.
  • Refurbishment of water and sewage infrastructure has been significantly down-prioritised.
  • Environmental and sustainability goals are far from optimal – there is enormous potential to promote the issue in both the political and industrial spheres.

How could we achieve this?

  • Reality description/benchmarking and promoting, and motivating, change proposals.
  • Link needs and expertise through new and non-conventional arenas for collaboration.
  • Facilitate independent problem-solving.
  • Proactive and positive effect on existing actors.
  • Challenge knowledge around negative sustainability development.
  • Initiate, or if necessary establish, a franchise based on the resource pools capable of delivering and/or suitably authorised (phase II).