About XomeOne

We have heard it for so many years; Someone ought to do this or someone should do that. Well, finally XomeOne does. We actually do what so many have been asking someone to do, both in the water- and energy business.


Project- and market facilitator

– Make players connect,

commit and take action

XomeOne – free resources at your service

The team members in XomeOne have worked together for decades: As colleagues, as competitors, in cooperating companies and in organisations. We have had lots of assignments in clusters and associations. We have become good friends and we enjoy working together. Today we have a strong network and a proven track record of achieving results both individually and collectively. Our goal is to provide our expertise to the markets where we operate, from sector knowledge and project management to successful business practice and practical entrepreneurship. We work together, we work one by one and we work in small groups. We will help where and when XomeOne is needed.

Key words; NoDig solutions, toxic waste, solar energy, practical networking, innovation management, digital solutions, sales, operations, project design, networking models.

”Fearless technology optimists”

What is our role in the value chain?

  • Create more collaboration and interaction.
  • Contribute to sustainable and economic development – at the same time.
  • Be a guide and associate in the work with the green transition.
  • Clarify the environmental and sustainability goals – both politically and industrially..
  • Be a promoter for the municipalities to own their own data. This is crucial for analysis, economic predictability, national cooperation and security for health and defense.
  • Establish models for more optimised value chains.
  • Establish a communication model that reaches a larger audience.

Why is this necessary? What is our “raison d’être”?

  • Work for large and small players who want to develop and see the potential in the water, toxic waste and / or energy industry.
  • Promote the potential of new and / or unknown methods, i.e. regarding no-dig methods, biological waste treatment & waste as a resource, electrification and solar power.
  • Assistance with the work of promoting, communicating or developing new earnings models.
  • Commercial and political communication – also outside the traditional water, energy and toxic waste industries.

How could we achieve this?

  • Promote and motivate for amendments.
  •  Connect needs and expertise via new and old arenas.
  • Communicate the opportunities in the energy, toxic waste and waste and wastewater sectors so that they reach outside traditional arenas.
  • Create opinion and political opportunities.
  • Motivate for increased knowledge about sustainability development – always in combination with economic development.
  • Sustainability must go hand in hand with the economy; those who see the economy in the transition already have a head start.